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How many overtimes in basketball? - Basket Betting

The overtime rules in basketball vary by the bookmaker. For example, if we bet on the total points of a game in the over or more than, and we have a total of up to 4 quarter of 150 points. And we need 6 more to win the basketball betting , in case of going to overtime, it will depend on the bookmaker if these points that are made will be worth the bet, or not.

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Postponement and Overtime. Any bets for an un-played or postponed game will be void, unless it is played within 36 hours of the initial scheduled starting time. In the event of a game starting but not being completed then all bets will be void, except for those where the outcome has already been determined.

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Overtime demands extra effort from both teams, mentally and physically. This can be taxing on certain teams and players, especially if injuries were present before or during the game. Always be on top of injuries in the game you plan to bet on, especially if that game has went to overtime. In-game disciplines.

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For the vast majority of basketball matches, if the score is tied at full time, the winner will be decided by playing a period of overtime, the winner at the end of this period is considered the winner of the match. Multiple overtime periods may be played until a winner is decided.


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