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Meaning of GA, GF, GD, and Other Common Football ...

GP – Games Played, Goal Post GS – Games Started, Group Stages, Goal Scorer HB – Halfback, Hand Ball (i.e., ball coming into contact with the hand which is also an offense).

What does gp-gs stand for in soccer stats? - Answers

gp:Games played gs:Goals scored. Many times GS statnds for Games Started. The U.S. Soccer Development Academy uses it this way.

Soccer Stats Glossary - HomeTeamsONLINE

Number of minutes spent on the field during a game. Game Winning Goal (GWG) Goals that leave a team one goal ahead of the opponent. Game Winning Assist (GWA) Assists that leave a team one goal ahead of the opponent. Goals (G) Goals scored. Assists (A) Passes that led to a goal.

Abbreviations In Soccer Stat Sheets – VidSwap Help

Below is a list of the abbreviations used on VidSwap's system Soccer Stat Sheets: -SOG % = Shots On Goal Percentage By Athlete. -GAAvg = Goals Allowed Average By Athlete. -T Att 3rd = Touches By Athlete - Attack 3rd. -Total = Total Completed Pass Percentage By Athlete. -Att = Completed Pass Percentage By Athlete; Attack 3rd. -Mid = Completed Pass Percentage By Athlete; Middle 3rd.

Boys Soccer Stat Definitions - MaxPreps.com

GP: Games Played: How many games the player has participated in during the season. Field Stats; Header: Name: Description: Min: Field Minutes: Number of minutes spent on the field during a game. Goals/G: Goals Scored: Each goal scored is worth two points. The player who kicks/heads (or otherwise legally plays) the ball across the opponent's goal line is awarded a goal.

Soccer Terms Glossary - Soccer America

GOALKEEPER: This is the soccer term, sometimes shortened to goalie, or keeper. Beware of imitations, especially one labeled "goaltender." The trouble with goaltender is that it is a hockey term ...

Urban Dictionary: GP

GP is a word used by roller-coaster enthusiasts, and simply means General Public (as in what non-enthusiasts would say/do). The word is also used as a gatekeeping measure by some enthusiasts from letting their passions be flooded with non-enthusiasts. NOTE: People in videos tend to say 'general public'.

How to read soccer standings - Quora

Answer (1 of 6): These are the abbreviations you would notice on a football (soccer) table. Using Manchester City as the team Team = Manchester City GP (Games played so far) =7 W (Wins-How many games have they won from the 7 games played?)=6 D (Draws-How many games have been drawn? i.e not lo...