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Omaha 8/b. Big O (Omaha 8/b with 5 cards) Courchevel 8/b. Holdem (+ Double Board) Short Deck 6+. The only game that we seem to have trouble running is 5 Card draw. All other games run from 1/2 + 3 ante to 5/10 +4 ante Pot limit & No Limit and 4/8 - 30/60 Fixed Limit. There are usually 30-50 tables at a time.

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US laws about online poker create a less than hospitable environment and many poker sites see the US market as too risky. The biggest players in the late 2000's, PokerStars and Full Tilt, were prosecuted under US law, settled without guilt/admitting any criminal misdeeds, and have been forced to shut down their US facing operations.

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1. r/BetWorthy. Place to review sportsbooks, casinos, and gambling apps, and discuss betting strategies and tips. Let everyone know if a betting site or game is BetWorthy! 663. Members. 4. Online. Created Aug 4, 2021.

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What are the best free online poker sites? I’m looking for poker sites that are either completely free or which let you play for free before you start playing for real money. Reason is that I’m still new to online poker and want to test the waters before I start playing for real money. I’m still learning and want to explore this game a ...

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level 1. Waitingforsunday3. · 1y. The thing with poker sites is that you need to know what you’re looking for before you sign up. There are a LOT of poker sites out there and - sadly - many of them are TERRIBLE. When looking for a poker site, you want a site that has a good welcome offer, is legal in the US, is reputable and trustworthy, has ...

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Poker Reddit and poker forums are totally free resources, which is their greatest and most apparent benefit. Poker and poker forums are also completely free resources. They also have some advantages, as these internet locations may sometimes conceal a plethora of valuable information and can connect you with some excellent players who can help you learn a great deal and significantly enhance your game.

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Looking for recommendations on a site for low stakes poker. Ideally something with like 1-5 cent blinds type of games. Also are there any that don't require putting in a large amount to get started? Most of these sites have $25 minimum but I'd prefer to just put in $5 or so until I've had a change to actually try the site out.

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I think I got the best possible preflop odds for a call. We were playing 1/2/4 (mandatory $4 straddle UTG). I’m the straddle and a new player in UTG+1 who just sat down thought my red chip was a call and raised to $6. Everybody called (full table) so when it gets back around to me, there’s $52 in the pot and it’s $2 to me to call (26-1).