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Tennis Ball Techniques for Tight Muscles - Yoga International

Begin by placing two tennis balls in a sock and closing the open end with a rubber band. Lie on your back on a padded surface with your feet flat on the floor and place the sock so that the balls are on either side of the base of the spine. Stay there and breathe. Inch the balls up the spine, holding and breathing at the painful spots.

Five-minute yoga challenge: roll your upper back on tennis balls

Lie down either on a carpeted floor, or at one end of your sticky mat. (On a wood floor, the ball will just slide.) Place the tennis balls as they are shown in the photo, as high on your back as you can, on either side of your spine. Then pause, wait, and breathe.

Calf Release With Tennis Ball | 5-minute Yoga for Tight ...

If you have tight calf muscles, sore calves, knot, or muscle tension then try this self myofascial calf release with tennis ball. This 5-minute yoga fix is p...

Yoga for Increased flexibility - Tennis Ball Massage - YouTube

In this class we use a tennis ball and gentle stretching to massage and release pent up tension in our muscles and fascia (connective tissue - tendons & liga...

Five-Minute Yoga Challenge: roll your feet on a tennis ball ...

Place a tennis ball under one foot and start to roll the sole of your foot over the tennis ball. Experiment with the amount of weight you can put into the ball and still have an intense, yet pleasant sensation. Drape your toes over the tennis ball and massage the backs of your toes.

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Health Benefits From Tennis Ball Exercises

To conduct the exercise with a tennis ball, you need to place the ball under the piriformis muscle and lie on it. Lying on the ball for 30 seconds can help pinpoint the knotted area in the muscle. After 30 seconds of lying on the ball, relax for a second and repeat this process four to five times. Neck and shoulder pain