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Difference between 18x20 and 16x19 String Pattern

The common string patterns have their pros and we have shared them with you. On one hand, you have a 16×19 string pattern which adds more spin and depth to your game. On other hand, an 18×20 string pattern enables you to play precisely to control your shots better, I would choose 16×19.

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Yes, there are difference in the actual string pattern tightness, but most mfcs opt for a more polarized setup, i.e. open 16x18/19 patterns, and more closed 18x20 ones. Sometimes you can read that users of 18x20 pattern emphasize the frame's spin potential.


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Tennis String Patterns Explained

Although 16x18, 16x19 and 18x20 are the most common string patterns, there are some in-between patterns. You'll see racquets with a 16x20 or 18x19 pattern. The goal of these in between patterns is to give you a blend of the performance aspects of open and dense stringbeds.

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A 16x19 is a traditional open string pattern that adds spin, power, and depth to your shots. On the other hand, 18x20 is a close string pattern that focuses on preciseness and slice shots.

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Choosing the Right String Pattern for Your Tennis Racquet

Depending on your racquet head, there are a few different string patterns to choose from: 10x16, 16x18, 16x19, 16x20, 18x20, etc. For now, we are just going to look at the two most popular patterns: 16x18 and 18x20. 18x20 String Patterns. The denser 18x20 pattern is known for providing consistency and directional control.

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I prefer the 18x20 as I can control my shots better but generally speaking with the 16x19 pattern there is more space between string crossings which allow strings to move and stretch more. With all else being equal this means balls tend to launch higher with more spin and more energy with an open string pattern.

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Historically, pros needed the 18 x 20 pattern to control natural gut strings, but now different string materials can give control even with a pretty open pattern. String tensions are generally lower in a denser pattern because there are more strings to deflect. 16 x 19 String Patterns. This is the most popular string pattern today.