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Volleyball Spike (Attack) A Volleyball Spike, or Attack, usually follows a Set or a Pass as the third contact a team makes with the volleyball. The object of a Spike is so that the ball lands on the opponent’s court and cannot be defended. The player makes a series of steps (called the approach), jumps, and swings at the ball.

Canadian Volleyballer Records Second-Highest Spike Height in ...

Canadian volleyball player Sharone Vernon-Evans recorded a spike-hit height of 12’6.5″ (382 cm) at the National Training Center in Gatinearu this week, which is believed to be the second-highest touch in the history of the sport. And he’s just 18 years old. Vernon-Evans’ jump is just 2 cm below the touch of legendary Cuban volleyballer Leonel Marshall, who touched at 384cm.

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Volleyball Spike - Basics to Volleyball Attacking

Back row players can legally spike the ball from behind the 10 foot (3 meter) line. This is a much more difficult type of volleyball attack and is used only by more experienced volleyball players. The basic classical spike is made by jumping off of both feet. A spiker usually takes a series of steps to attack the ball.

Biomechanics of the volleyball spike

Volleyball is a game of constant motion and a volleyball spike is the most explosive attack as the spikes are usually of high velocity and are the most effective way to win a rally (Reeser et al, 2010). A volleyball is spiked from up to 60cm above the height of a basketball hoop (3.65m), and takes a fraction of a second.

What is the average height of male spikers in volleyball? Is ...

The average height of male volleyball spikers in international competitions is around 197cm. If you plan to play for a national team or at elite levels, 175cm is indeed short. However, that does not mean that you can’t be a spiker with that height.

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WorldofVolley :: TOP 10 players with highest volleyball spike ...

The list was made by the famous volleyball forum „Inside VolleyCountry“ and includes official data from the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) for both active and retired players. If you have any suggestions regarding the list or you think numbers are wrong, feel free to leave a comment! Highest Volleyball Spike Touches – Men. 1.

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spike: 370 cm 25 cm - 346,46 cm; blok: 350 cm - 305 cm - 323,02 cm; used jn: 7,8 - 4,5,13,14,19,20; LENGHT. Tallest: Robert Kromm (GER) - 212 cm; Sean Roony (USA) - 206 cm; Bartosz KUREK (POL) - 205 cm; Pavel KRUGLOV (RUS) - 205 cm; Taras KHTEY (RUS) - 205 cm; Smallest: Bruno Nicolas (ARG) - 188 cm; Henry Bell (CUB) - 188 cm; Mariano Giustiniano (ARG) - 189 cm

The Most Optimal Jump Height For Spike : volleyball

The best spike is the one that hits the floor or goes off the block for a kill. An inside 3m spike is good for a highlight reel and early is but impractical for games as those are the easiest to block. That said, if you are looking for highlight reel warmups then you probably have enough.